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Booking agreement between user and

Tour Guide Debbie LLC

Booking & Tour Policies

The terms of use, website usage, booking and reservation terms, refund and cancellations policies outlined on this website form the basis of your contract with Tour Guide Debbie LLC

  1. By asking us to confirm your booking, we are entitled to assume that you have had the opportunity to read and have read these booking conditions and agree to them.
  2. The person that confirmed the booking assures that the other members of her/his group agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions, website usage, cancellations and refund policies posted on this website.
  3. We accept cash and confirmation by text, email or by telephone.

I may change our terms of service from time to time. If I do, I will post a note on our website.

  • This policy was updated on October 25, 2022.
    1. A booking confirmation will be e-mail when the tour is confirmed.
    2. Do contact us if you do not find the confirmation e-mail; I will double check the spelling of your e-mail and resend.
    3. It is require all participants present either a paper or an electronic tour confirmation to be admitted to the tour. No exceptions.
    4. Cash payments are accepted. A text or e-mail will confirm the reservation.
    1. We accept cash and credit cards.
    2. The currency that we use for our transactions is the United States dollar.
    3. The person booking the tour must be at least 18 years of age when the booking is made and responsible for making all due payments.

    A NO refund cancellation policy. The NO refund policy applies:

    1. For no-show.
    2. Late arrivals. Includes cruise ships docking late.
    3. Cancellations by client.
    4. Medical.
    5. Client decides to leave the tour.
    6. Client does not show the booking confirmation.
    7. Does not find the tour or transportation meeting location because did not follow the instructions provided on the booking confirmation and/or other way of communication.
    8. Will not accept customers in our tours under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

    Tour Guide Debbie LLC will not be liable for any loss or injury, damage or loss of property, including but not limited to loss of life, suffered by the client; whether or not said loss, injury or damage was caused or related by acts of Tour Guide Debbie LLC, its agents, officers, shareholders, sponsors, endorsers, representatives or employees. By confirming my reservation I release Tour Guide Debbie LLC, of all claims, and assume all the risk related to the services provided by such corporation, its employees, officers, shareholders, sponsors, endorsers, agents or representatives.

    Participant grants to Tour Guide Debbie LLC the irrevocable, sub-licensable right and authority to use Participant's name, likeness, photograph and/or picture for any and all commercial or non-commercial purposes now known or later developed in perpetuity throughout the universe without further obligation or compensation to Participant.

    By confirming reservations of the tour (s), I acknowledge I have read, understood and accepted the terms as specified in this waiver.

    1. My goals are that all participants have an enjoyable and tranquil experience during our tours; for such reason, I reserve the right of admission.
    2. Tour vouchers are not transferable.
    3. All date changes requested by the client must be in writing to the e-mail address printed on your booking confirmation.

    Your booking confirmation includes the following reminder: "Always check ALL FOLDERS in your e-mail account and text messages for updates and reminders on the day of the tour."

    1. Full refund when a tour is cancel due to low bookings; meaning that the minimum required of reservation is not met.
    2. The client will also have the option to take the same tour with the same rate at another time and/or date.
    3. NO REFUND when the client accepts not be refunded and reschedules the tour on another date and/or time in the same year and confirms by phone or fax or text or in person or e-mail.
    1. NO refunds when the flight is cancelled.
    2. The client has the option to re-schedule for another date available on my schedule.
    3. Only one re-schedule is permitted in the same year.
    4. No refund when the client cancels the re-scheduled service.
    1. The flights are monitor and will meet and greet the passengers at the real arrival time.
    2. No refund available because the transportation service will be modified in according to the real arrival time.

    Transit Passengers:

  • A transit cruise ship is when the passengers disembark and boards the ship on the same day, with no luggage with the purpose to visit a port during a limited amount of hours.
  • Full refund due to extreme weather and high profile political social economical events.

  • Home port passengers:

  • A home port ship is when passengers with luggage boards the ship to begin there vacation or disembarks to end the cruise vacation.
  • No refund when the ship does not dock at the San Juan Port. The client has the option to re-schedule the transportation to an available date and time on our schedule. Only one re-schedule is permitted in the same year and none refundable.
  • Full refund due to extreme weather and high profile political social economical events.
  • None private tours

  • No refund. Call the telephone number on your booking confirmation for directions to join the tour in progress.

  • Private tours and/or transportation:

  • No refund when the ship docks late because we monitor the ship's status. Will meet and greet the passengers at the real docking time. The private service schedule will be modified in according to the ship's departing schedule and within the length of hours booked. Alternative sites and route will be provided in case the sites are closed at the time you are in port.
  • Late arrival - Cruise ship passengers

  • No refund. The PRIVATE TOUR schedule will not be extended due to the client’s late arrival at the agreed meeting location when the ship docked prior or on-time in according to the original scheduled docking time; the service ends at the time scheduled when the reservation was confirmed.

  • Late arrival - Hotel guests

  • No refund. The schedule will not be extended FOR PRIVATE TOURS due to the client’s late arrival at the agreed meeting location at the hotel and/or other location; the service ends at the time scheduled when the reservation was confirmed.
  • Full refund due to extreme weather and high profile social economical events.
    1. A 15 minutes grace will be granted from the agreed pick up time at the hotel or other locations indicated in the booking confirmation when the CLIENT HAS NOT notified they are running late and why.
    2. No refund for no show and late arrival nor return for the passenger (s).
    3. Additional fee when the service is extended due to client's tardiness and did not notified a just cause why they are running late.
    1. Consumption of food and drinks are not allowed.
    2. No smoking.
    3. Wear the seat belts. It is the law.
    4. In case the passenger(s) damages and/or brakes any part(s) of the vehicle, the passenger(s) will be responsable for paying for the part(s) and repair services. The credit card information will be requested prior to leaving the tour. An invoice will be send with a copy of the quotation of the part(s) and repair services to be charged to the credit card. A receipt will be email after the repair. The police will be called when the passenger(s) does not cooperate.
    5. Legal guardian will always be with the minor (s).
    6. No bags and/or carry-on are allowed in the seats. Must be stored in the luggage compartment.
    7. Only a purse is permitted in the seating area.
    1. While the service is in progress, cancellations due to weather conditions are solely at the discretion of the driver or tour guide.
    2. A 50% refund will be made if the service that is in progress is cancelled due to severe weather conditions.
    3. Full refund when severe weather is confirmed by the authorities prior the service begins.
    1. It is optional to wear a mask; however, some places might require the use of it.
    2. Protocols are in according to the guidelines established by the Puerto Rico Government and the Centers for Disease Control