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Puerto Rico Tour Designer & Storyteller since 1998

I am a tour designer and licensed tour guide that specializes in storytellig style cultural tours throughout Puerto Rico. What differentiate me from other tour companies or independent tour guides is that I research, design and guide tours to provide you the experience to mingle with the locals, understand the history, taste the foods and explore historical buildings and forest trail. Make it possible for you to create your own story.

  • Explore an 18th Century town in Western Puerto Rico.
  • You will journey into Spanish Colonial times during a night walking tour at a Fortress City.
  • Explore a Spanish colonial city during an morning walking tour.
  • Rum tasting with authentic Puerto Rican foods.
  • Yes I do. I refund when I cancel; however, do read the details for the no refund policy.
    Yes I can. Please read my customers' reviews at travel and social media sites by searching for Tour Guide Debbie, San Juan. Type Tour Guide Debbie in Things to Do at Trip Advisor and favorite search engine. Also visit my social media pages at:

    Yes. You will receive an e-mail shortly after your confirmation. You may also book by calling (787) 605-9060

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    4. Puerto Rico have many locations with free WIFI services. Program your smartphone to airplane mode and turn on the WIFI.
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    4. Some tours will have time for shopping; for such reason, we encourage to bring cash and credit cards to purchase optional extras; such as, souvenirs, coffee, water, refreshmens, snacks, etc.
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    1. It is optional to wear a mask; however, places visited might require to wear one.
    2. Protocols are in according to the guidelines established by the Puerto Rico Government and the Centers for Disease Control