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Theme: Tips to find a Professional Tour Guide  
Location: Puerto Rico
Writer: Debbie Molina Ramos

Western Puerto Rico Town Tour

Tips to find a Tour Guide that meets your needs.

Tips to find a Tour Guide that meets your needs.


A professional tour guide will provide you with experiences that will become cherish memories to share with friends and family.

Debbie Molina Ramos, Tour Designer & Licensed Tour Guide since 1999

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What type of tour guide you need?

What type of tour guide you need?

Three types of tour guides are available:  a book, internet posts and a professional known as a tourist guide.

Read or Explore

A guidebook and/or internet article is an excellent reference source to acquire general information about the destination.

tourists reading a mobile at night in Puerto Rico
Many travelers who have opted for the book and/or internet has spent most of their vacation time reading.
Night Tales in Old San Juan Tour Night Tales in Old San Juan Tour
tourist taking pictures in Puerto Rico
Why? Focus on what is around you. Listen and talk to your professional tour guide. Take pictures. I am sure your tour guide will love taking pictures of you with your camera.
The Story of Old San Juan Tour The Story of Old San Juan Tour
tour guide researching
A professional tour guide will provide more and updated information. In addition, the professional will allow you to spend more time to see and listen to everything that surrounds you.
tourist taking pictures in Puerto Rico
A professional tour guide will provide you with experiences that will become cherish memories to share with friends and family.

Research Tips:

Tour Guide Debbie hiking in Puerto Rico
Combining the information published in a travel book with the expertise of a professional tour guide you may plan ahead with the how, what, when and where to go prior arriving to Puerto Rico.
Tour Guide Debbie walking in Old San Juan.
When researching for a tour guide consider the following:
  1. Knowledge and experience.
  2. License and certifications.
  3. How they respond to your questions and describe their services.
  4. Cancellation policy.
  5. Have a code of ethics.
  6. Read travelers published feedback.

Tour Guide or Driver?

Tour bus in Puerto Rico
When choosing a professional tour guide a decision must be made between hiring someone who also works as a driver. Executing two jobs at once, requires to pay more attention to traffic while trying to provide you with basic scripted information. 
tour guide Debbie with tourist inside a tour bus
On the other hand, a tour guide that only concentrates on you will be able to provide the information face-to-face, answer all your questions, tell some jokes and take pictures, while another person drives and looks after the vehicle.

What you are missing:

Senior tourist with clowns in Puerto Rico
Everyone looks forward to having fun and relaxing during their vacation. Spend your touring time with a professional tour guide that will allow you to see more things and have more fun than just reading a book or staring your mobile's screen.
Spirits of Puerto Rico Tour Spirits of Puerto Rico Tour
tourists learning how to weave a hammock in Puerto Rico
Reading a book or mobile during your limited vacation time will divert your attention from what you came to see and experience because you will be reading instead of participating.
San Sebastián Walking Tour San Sebastián Walking Tour
Senior tourists inside a historical building in Puerto Rico
Lots of time you are looking at pages when utilizing a book or mobile, instead of the historical or nature sites.
Old San Juan Walking Tour Old San Juan Walking Tour
Tour Guide Debbie smiling in front of historical building.
I am #TourGuideDebbie. I look forward to meeting you.

Travel Blogs List

Travel Blogs List

story-telling tour guide

Planning a Tour Schedule

"We visit a town, city or country because of what we can do for fun. Tips of how to find and choose a tour guide or company does help."

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  • Choosing transportation services in Puerto Rico.
Hollywood Sites


"Staying in touch with our love ones at home is very important. Knowing about the technological options to keep in touch and how to do so at a low cost or for free...makes us smile."

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  • Pictures, WIFI, phone calls.
  • How to keep in touch with home?
  • Who to call during an emergency?
World Heritage Site

Transportation Tips

"Getting around is the most challanging task we have when in a city we visit for the first time or being updated with new transportation options."

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  • Tips renting a car in Puerto Rico.
  • Best travel APPS to use in Puerto Rico.
  • Tour buses, taxi and Uber law.
  • Road assistance in Puerto Rico.
nigh walking tour

How was the coffee?

"Debbie reviews coffee shops. A Puerto Rican tradition is to have coffee at 10AM and 3PM. Where is the best coffee experience?"

  • "I look foward in sharing my coffee tasting experiences".
Spanish colonial soldiers

San Juan Port Activities

"Ideas of what to do, eat and places to visit for repeat and first time visitors."

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  • "How to find authentic Puerto Rican arts & crafts?"
Historical sites at night

Puerto Rican Foods & Rums

"Awaken your Puerto Rico vacation memories while cooking a dish, baking or preparing a rum cocktail or coffee."

Well lid sites at night makes great pictures.

Things to do in Puerto Rico

"Where to start? Anything new? Know where to go & to have fun in Puerto Rico. "

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  • Where does the Puerto Ricans eat?
Well lid sites at night makes great pictures.

Culture and Heritage

"Off the beaten path tips"

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  • "Love sharing what I see at the towns".
Well lid sites at night makes great pictures.

Oh...My PC is not working!

"How to solve your PC basic technical issues when researching on line for your Puerto Rico tours."

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  • NPE Synmantec - Identify and delete trojans.
  • Windows File Checker Tool - Repair missing or corrupted system files.
  • Microsoft's Virtual Machine disk format.
  • Move your pictures & videos from iphone to MAC or PC.
  • Oracle Virtural Box 5.1 - When you need an older operation system in your new computer.